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  • The statutory references listed below refer the Code user to state statutes applicable to Alaska municipalities. They are up to date through May 17, 2017.

    General Provisions

    Local government
      Alaska Const. art. X

    Classification of municipalities
      AS ch. 29.04

    Codification of ordinances
      AS 29.25.050

    Home rule
      AS ch. 29.10

    Municipal powers and duties
      AS ch. 29.35

      AS ch. 29.26

    Extraterritorial jurisdiction
      AS 29.35.020

    Acts required to be by ordinance
      AS 29.25.010

    Penalties for ordinance violations
      AS 29.25.070

    Civil penalties for violations by minors
      AS 29.25.072

    Surcharges on ordinance violations
      AS 12.55.039, 29.25.074

    Collection of penalties
      AS 29.25.075

    Eminent domain
      AS 29.35.030

    Administration and Personnel

    Municipal executive
      AS 29.20.220 et seq.

    Governing bodies
      29.20.050 et seq.

    Municipal enactments
      AS ch. 29.25

    Manager plan
      AS 29.20.460 et seq.

    Appointment of officers
      AS 29.20.360

    Municipal attorney
      AS 29.20.370

    Municipal clerk
      AS 29.20.380

    Municipal treasurer
      AS 29.20.390

    Oaths of office
      AS 29.20.600

    Combining offices
      AS 29.35.010(2)

    Conflict of interest
      AS 29.20.010

    Bonding of offices and employees
      AS 29.20.610

    Compensation of elected officers
      AS 29.20.620

    Vacancies in office
      AS 29.20.170

    Open public meetings
      AS 29.20.020, 44.62.310 et seq.

      AS 29.20.400

    Emergency disaster powers
      AS 29.35.040

    Utility boards
      AS 29.20.310

    Local health administration
      AS ch. 18.10

    School districts and boards
      AS ch. 14.12.

    Local administration of schools
      AS ch. 14.14

    Planning commissions
      AS 29.40.020

    Local historic district commissions
      AS 29.55.010

    Administrative land use appeals
      AS 29.40.050

    Personnel system authorized
      AS 29.20.410

    Revenue and Finance

    Annual audit
      AS 29.35.120

    Acquisition and disposal of land and interests in land
      AS 29.35.090

    Property taxation
      AS 29.45.010 et seq.

    City property tax
      AS 29.45.550 et seq.

    Enforcement of tax liens
      AS 29.45.290 et seq.

    Sales and use taxes
      AS 29.45.700 et seq.

    Municipal debt
      AS ch. 29.47

    Special assessments
      AS ch. 29.46

    Budget and capital program
      AS 29.35.100

    Investment pools
      AS 29.35.015

    Fees for police protection services
      AS 29.35.125

    Business Licenses and Regulations

    Alcoholic beverages
      AS 29.35.080

    Franchises and permits
      AS 29.35.060


    Animal care and dog control
      AS ch. 3.55

    Health and Safety

    Garbage and solid waste
      AS 29.35.050

    Fire protection
      AS ch. 18.70

      AS 18.72.060

    Hazardous chemicals, materials and wastes
      AS 29.35.500 et seq.

    Air quality control programs
      AS 29.35.055

    Smoking in public places
      AS 18.35.300 et seq.

    Medical use of marijuana
      AS 17.37

    Public Peace, Morals and Welfare

    Offenses against the person
      AS ch. 11.41

    Offenses against property
      AS ch. 11.46

    Offenses against family and vulnerable adults
      AS ch. 11.51

    Offenses against public administration
      AS ch. 11.56

    Offenses against public health and decency
      AS ch. 11.66

    Curfew for minors
      AS 29.35.085

    Controlled substances
      AS chs. 11.71, 17.30, 17.35 and 17.37

      AS 18.65.700 et seq. and 29.35.145

    Vehicles and Traffic

    Alaska Uniform Vehicle Code
      AS title 28

    Streets, Sidewalks and Public Places

    Special assessments
      AS ch. 29.46

    Extraterritorial jurisdiction
      AS 29.35.020

    Public Services

    Municipally owned utilities
      AS 29.35.070

    Franchises and permits
      AS 29.35.060

    Garbage and solid waste services
      AS 29.35.050

    Buildings and Construction

    Electrical code
      AS 18.60.580 et seq.

    Plumbing code
      AS 18.60.705 et seq.

    Trailer camps and motor courts
      AS 18.35.010 et seq.


    Subdivisions and dedications
      AS chs. 29.40 and 40.15


      AS 29.35.180 and ch. 29.40

    Historical districts
      AS 29.55.020